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Most people can become a good hairstylist. Some can become great. Very few are able to be incredible. Almost none have proven to be incredible while maintaining a 5-star salon while raising three kids as a single mom. Yes, you read that correctly. This woman managed, worked, and raised her babies and this salon, with the determination and grit that few in life have the honor to witness.

Lisa Milsner is the anomaly. She continuously strives for not what is great, but what is astounding, innovative, and groundbreaking. Lisa is an energetic, kind-hearted, and driven woman who has dedicated her life to helping others.

While her successful 5-Star Salon “Serenity Hair Studio” in Danville, California was thriving, Lisa was faced with an impossible decision due to her father’s sudden death. She was presented two options; leave her children and salon to make the move to Oregon to care for her mother, or comfortably stay with her children and successful business. From what we already know about Lisa, we can all take a good guess at what she chose. Through this selfless act, Lisa met the love of her life and ventured into a top tier salon offering her expert services at 14th Avenue Salon and Day Spa in the Mid-Willamete, Oregon.

As if this wasn’t enough, Lisa refused to stop here. She has broken the mold yet again by opening her very own salon, Hair by Lisa Marie, right here in Oregon City. Lisa has proven for years’ time that she has what it takes to be the anomaly. Stand out today by booking with Lisa.

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Lisa has been my hairdresser for over 16 years. She is truly amazing and I can’t recommend her enough. From my platinum blonde a-line bobs, to my natural blonde highlights and long hair, she was able to keep up with all of my many ideas and styles through the years. I could very easily just tell her what I wanted, and she would always make me look great. I know she can do the same for you too!

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